Beijing Municipal Research Institute of Environmental Protection

BMIEP is the first scientific research institution engaged in environmental protection in the entire country. Its predecessor institution is the Municipal Engineering Institute of Ministry of Construction and Industry founded in 1957 and was changed to Beijing Municipal Institute of Environmental Protection Sciences in 1973. It was renamed as Municipal Academy of Environmental Sciences in 1994.

The Academy has over 200 employees, among whom there are 12 Researchers and Senior Engineers of professor level, 51 Associate Researchers and Senior Engineers, 16 employees enjoying the governmental special allowance offered by the State Council, and 8 experts who have won the award for making outstanding national and municipal contribution. As the institution with the authority to confer Master Degree of Environmental Engineering, the Academy has cultivated over 70 postgraduate students.

Organization Structure and Responsibilities:

Administration Office of the Academy (Personnel): responsible for the Party affairs of CPC, secretary, statistics, personnel, labor and salary, education and training, management of science and technology cadres, management of retired staff and international cooperation issues;

Science and Technology Department: responsible for reviewing and assessing the science and technology projects, award evaluation of research outcomes, patent application, contract management, qualification management, technological supervision, science and technology information, archives and so on;

Planning and Financial Department: formulating annual plans, financial management, fund management and auditing;

Science and Technology Condition Department: responsible for procurement and management of materials and equipment, infrastructure, and property management.

Professional Research Institutions

  1. Institute of Water Pollution Prevention Technologies
  2. Institute of Water Pollution Prevention Engineering
  3. Institute of Atmospheric Pollution Prevention
  4. Institute of Environmental Management
  5. Institute of Comprehensive Environmental Treatment Technologies
  6. National Research Center of Urban Environmental Pollution Prevention Engineering Technologies
  7. National Center (Beijing) of Environmental Protection and Industrial Waste Water Pollution Prevention Engineering Technologies
  8. Beijing Research Center of Water Environment and Equipment
  9. Beijing Municipal Institute of Environmental Sciences and Environmental Engineering Design


Beijing Municipal Institute of Environmental Sciences and Environmental Engineering Design affiliated to the Academy has Class A Qualification Certificate of environmental pollution prevention (waste water); and Class B Qualification Certificate of atmospheric pollution treatment, solid waste treatment and ecological environmental engineering; the Center of Environmental Impact Assessment and Planning has Class A Qualification Certificate of Assessment; and the “Beijing Testing Center of Environmental Sciences and Dust Removal Equipment” affiliated to the Academy has CMA issued by China State Bureau of Technical Supervision (CSBTS). The Academy also has Class A Qualification Certificates of engineering consultation on environmental engineering (waste water) and environmental impact assessment issued by the State Planning Commission. In the meantime, the “Beijing Risk Assessment Center of Imported Wastes” and “Beijing Consultation Center of Environmental Management System Authentication” are also in the Academy.

Scientific Research Outcomes

With the development and construction in the field of environmental protection for over 30 years, Beijing Municipal Academy of Environmental Sciences has made great achievements in the field of technological research, formulation of legislations, pollution prevention engineering design, ecological engineering, environmental impact assessment, regional planning, product development, among which 30 outcomes have won national awards of science and technology, over 100 outcomes have won provincial (ministerial) level award of science and technology, over 30 outcomes have obtained certificates of key national applied technology and patents of environmental protection. The Academy has won the first and second prizes for many times in the evaluation and inspection of “Reform and Development” among the municipal science and research institutes in Beijing. Up till now, the Academy has completed over 530 research projects of various kinds, almost 1,000 treatment projects in almost 30 provinces (municipalities) and autonomous regions (including Hong Kong), and over 1,400 environmental impact assessment projects.

Guarantee of Scientific Research

The Academy has about 4,000m2 of water, air, solid waste and ecological labs, including the key lab of “Beijing Research Center of Water Environment and Equipment” with an area of about 1,000 m2, and about 200 m2 lab of domestic sewage treatment that could be open to the public and could conduct water treatment and recycling. In the meantime, it has over 2,000 sets of instrument and equipment of various kinds, and almost 10,000 copies of scientific books. In addition, the Academy also has a base with complete equipment and supporting facilities with an area of 20,000 m2 for pilot researches on scientific and technological products, providing sound experimental conditions for the trial production of bricks made of sludge with heavy metals.

Researches and Transformation

With the constant enhancement of the environmental improvement in China, the scientific and technological outcomes of the Academy has been broadly transformed and applied. It has the capacity of accepting the design, consultation and engineering contracting of water, air, solid wastes and ecological pollution prevention engineering projects, producing multiple series of products such as water pollution monitoring equipment, effluent equipment and so on, and conducting environmental impact assessment and regional planning in eight fields such as chemical industry, construction materials, real estate and so on.

Contact Information:

Name of the Institution: Beijing Municipal Academy of Environmental Sciences

Tel. 010-68332299

Address: NO. 59 Beiyingfang Zhongjie, Xicheng District, Beijing

Postcode: 100037

E-mail:[email protected]

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